Social Media Affiliate Marketing

Create sustainable passive income by leveraging the power and simplicity of social media

Hey ūüĎč it's Jordan, the¬†Millionaire Millennial. You probably know by now I don't beat around the bush, I make high quality educational content, and (most importantly)¬†I get my students results. Your success is my success.

The goal of this program is to prepare you and guide you to create sustainable income leveraging social media and other people’s brands/companies. You will do this by creating your own affiliate brand that establishes itself as an expert or point of contact in a particular field.

Please note: You do NOT have to be an expert when you start this program; in fact, this program is designed from the viewpoint that you aren't. However, through this program you will become an expert while earning some nice $$$ on the way.

This program is divided into 4 weeks each with their own guided lectures and worksheets.

In this program you will learn:

  • Introduction to¬†S.M.A.M.¬†(Social Media Affiliate Marketing).
    • What is the ‚ÄėOld‚Äô way to do affiliate marketing?
    • What is ‚ÄėScam Marketing‚Äô and why it just doesn‚Äôt work anymore.
    • Why the best option is S.M.A.M.
  • Week 1: Prepare
    • All about the ‚Äėnew‚Äô sales funnel for affiliates using S.M.A.M.
    • How to decide you niche for the¬†ultimate payday
    • What kind of brand should you be?
    • How to pick your affiliations¬†wisely.
    • BONUS:¬†All the tools you need to run this show.
  • Week 2: Setup Infrastructure
    • The purpose of an opt-in page for affiliates.
    • How to create a lead magnet that attracts the best (and highest paying) customers.
    • How to¬†actually build¬†your opt-in page (no coding required!).
    • Creating and connecting your¬†Autoresponder.
    • BONUS:¬†6 Templates for opt-in pages.
  • Week 3: Conversations
    • Understanding the layout of a¬†massively successful¬†email campaign.
    • Finding your voice: how to speak in a way that¬†provokes interaction.
    • Setting up Facebook Messenger‚Äôs 'autoresponder':¬†ManyChat
  • Week 4: Content & Traffic
    • The best traffic sources to tap into.
    • Building¬†long form¬†content for YouTube.
    • Crafting¬†engaging¬†content for Instagram.

Let me show you real quick some of what is attainable with S.M.A.M. Below you'll find some payouts from other people using the S.M.A.M. method (including myself!)

Your Mentor:

Hey! I'm Jordan, the Millionaire Millennial. Here to teach you everything you need to know about being successful in life and business. I've built multiple 6-figure businesses and a 7-figure business and I want to show you exactly how to as well!

I teach exactly what I do; that's how you know you're getting a good education.

You can read more about me and my accomplishments on /about

Check me out on: Instagram / YouTube

ūüďö¬†Course Curriculum

Affiliate Overview
An overview ofthe entire affiliate system.

Week 1: Prepare

Decide Your Niche
There's so many - how do you choose?
Personal Brand vs Business Brand
Which is the best starting out?
Picking Your Affiliation(s)
Building relationships instead of quick money.
BONUS: Tools Needed
All the tools you'll need to run this business.
Week 1 Worksheet
Your assignment for the first week.

Week 2: Setup Infrastructure

What An Optin Page Is For
The tried and true method for connecting.
Build An Optin Page
Constructing the money gateway.
Create a 'Lead Magnet': Theory & Purpose
Attracting boatloads of customers
Create a 'Lead Magnet': Design & Build
Building your most important piece of content.
Integrating Your Autoresponder
How to stay in the minds of your customers.
BONUS: 6 Templates For Opt-in Pages
The hottest opt-ins for maximum conversion rates.
Week 2 Worksheet
Your assignment for the second week.

Week 3: Conversations

Email Funnel Layout
How to direct people where they need to go.
Finding Your Voice (Writing Emails)
Using the power of copywriting to move you audience.
Tapping into the biggest audience on planet earth.
Tying It All Together
Making sure all the pieces fit together.
Week 3 Worksheet
Your assignment for the third week.

Week 4: Content & Traffic

Traffic Sources
Where and how to get leads/customers.
Creating YouTube Content
Utilizing long form content to fully connect.
What Instagram Is All About
Integrating with the most visual social site
BONUS: Short-Links
Using your own domain for links!
Week 4 Worksheet
Your assignment for the fourth week.

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