About Jordan, the Millionaire Millennial

Hey! I'm Jordan 👋. I've started and grown many different online businesses over the past several years. I'm now semi-retired and enjoy teaching and working on various projects.

Below is his timeline of success dating back to his college days.
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Millionaire Millennial Academy

Out of a desire to teach and supply tools to aspiring entrepreneurs, I started this site in hopes of providing business owners the knowledge and toolset required to achieve the success they deeply desire.
May 2020

Big Exit

Sold Go Atlas for $365,000 - the biggest single transaction I'd ever received.
March 2020


After hiring enough employees to run all of Atlas, I spent time relaxing and enjoying life. Read many many books, traveled a bit, and just enjoyed the little things everyday. New perspective on happiness and fulfillment.
September 2019
Atlas Logo

Launched Atlas Labs

After spending months on the grinding wheel, I learned to code and build my software management software myself. Who needs devs anyway?

This software company became Go Atlas and has helped thousands of sellers get started selling on Amazon.
March 2019

You Want Something Done Right...

Despite the devs I hired absolutly sucking and not building anything useful, I still ended the year with over $1MM overall. I fired the devs and decided I needed to take matters into my own hands.
December 2018

Biting Off Too Much

Hired a software agency to build an inventory management software for the many Amazon sellers I now knew. I figured this would be very helpful for them. I also broke into wholesale more, expanded my private label brands, and hired more employees.
April 2018

Growing the Team

Hired my best friend to come work for me sourcing new products for Amazon. Had my first 6 figure month.
February 2018

Celebrated Success

Turned 24 and celebrated my new success by paying for me and all my friends to fly out to Miami and party down for a weekend. Also moved to a highrise and bought a supercar. Ya know - young money stuff.
September 2017

Began Mentoring

After thousands of new subscribers on YouTube ask for consulting and courses, I release an all inclusive Amazon FBA mentoring program. Expecting to only make a few thousand dollars from my many months of work on this, I ended up bringing in $10k the first week.
Jun 2017

Quit My Job

Contrary to the advice of everyone in my life, I decided to quit my job and do Amazon FBA fulltime. I also start sharing my journey on YouTube.
January 2017

Had a Great Q4

Ended up making 5x my engineering income in Q4 on Amazon. I guess this is the real deal.
December 2016

Decided on a Business Model

After spending months researching I stumble upon 'Amazon FBA' and it seems very promising.
September 2016

Moved to Dallas

Moved to the Big D and started a job as an engineer at a small consulting firm.

Realized there must be more to life than working hard so my boss can build a mansion in Cabo, I decided to start making money online... But HOW?
June 2016

Graducated College

Hopped out of A&M with a degree in ELEN. #FreshGrad
May 2016