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Schedule a call with Jordan Kilburn - the Millionaire Millennial

Over the years, Jordan has proven time and time again he knows how to build and grow businesses. From starting a simple tutoring company in college, to building a 6-figure Amazon FBA business, to exiting a SaaS for multi-6-figures, he's done just about everything.

If you value your time (and if you're reading this page, you do), then scheduling a call right now is a simple no-brainer. During the call we can discuss anything. Starting out? Let's go. Stuck on trying to build something? No worries. Trouble growing? Not a problem.

Below are some of the experiences and accomplishes that Jordan has had so you know your time and money is well spent on a call with him:

  • Built a bootstrapped Amazon FBA business with only a few hundred dollars.
    • Became an expert in all 4 methods (RA, OA, PL, & Wholesale) through rigorous practice.
    • Hired employees locally and abroad to help run the business.
    • Scaled well into the 6 figures by bringing on more SKUs and marketing.
  • Grew a massive following on YouTube in just a few months.
    • Gained 50k+ subscribers in a mere 4 months utilizing trend and viral research.
    • Capitalized using funnels and products that correlated with the channel.
    • Scaled mentoring and consulting to $1MM in profit in a single fiscal year.
  • Grew a SaaS in the eCom market. 
    • Learned to code and built an entire platform single-handedly
    • Immediately grew the SaaS to 20k M.R.R. (monthly recurring revenue).
    • Continued to serve customers and add new products to increase value.
    • Exited the SaaS just 18 months after launching for over $350,000.

Your Mentor:

Hey! I'm Jordan, the Millionaire Millennial. Here to teach you everything you need to know about being successful in life and business. I've built multiple 6-figure businesses and a 7-figure business and I want to show you exactly how to as well!

I teach exactly what I do; that's how you know you're getting a good education.

You can read more about me and my accomplishments on /about

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