Coding For the Web 101

Learn to read/write code and build an entire website without any prior development knowledge.

Knowing the basics of web development can save you thousands of dollars. Knowing a little bit more can MAKE you a full-time income. Learn the basics and get rolling into a brighter future by coding for the web!

This class is for complete beginners in web development. Never written a line of code before? Great! Hop on in. By the end of this class you'll have made an entire website from scratch!

Along the way you'll learn:

Setting Up Your Coding Environment

  • Understand where coding has been and where it’s going (and why it’s the easiest time to start learning)
  • Get the #1 code editor on the planet to make your coding experience a breeze.
  • Download the most powerful addons and extensions for your code editor to ensure maximum performance.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

  • The particular language and ‘syntax’ of HTML.
  • How to structure and understand the layout of web pages.
  • Bring in any fonts, icons, pictures, etc from all around the web to use on your own site.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet):

  • Make your site your own with colors, layouts, and styles.
  • Utilizing fonts and styles made by others on your site.
  • Realize the most beautiful site using simple to follow guidelines for styling pages.

Hosting On The Internet:

  • Use one of the fastest servers for your new site – for FREE.
  • Easily and quickly make changes and updates to your site automatically.
  • Access a massive network of free templates, tools, and projects you can use on your own site.

Bonus Extras:

  • HTML Cheatsheet so you can always lookup anything confusing.
  • CSS Cheatsheet for making a masterpiece of every single page.

Your Mentor:

Hey! I'm Jordan, the Millionaire Millennial. Here to teach you everything you need to know about being successful in life and business. I've built multiple 6-figure businesses and a 7-figure business and I want to show you exactly how to as well!

I teach exactly what I do; that's how you know you're getting a good education.

You can read more about me and my accomplishments on /about

Check me out on: Instagram / YouTube

📚 Course Curriculum

Class Overview
What this class is about and how to maximize your results.

Module 1: Setup

What 'Coding' Really Means & the Trifecta
You must understand how the system was built before using it.
The Best Code Editor on the Planet
And why writing code from scratch is dumb.
Adding Extensions in the Code Editor
There are a few must-have extensions that you need to ensure you have.

Module 2: Building Your First Site

The Structure of a Webpage
How to create your very first barebones website.
Never get lost in the jargon of tags!
Making Your Page Beautiful
Using CSS to give your page some life
Making sure you've always got <style>
Organizing Your Site
Get organization right before building anything big.
Creating the Top Navigation Bar
Styling up your nav-bar so visitors can see where to go.
Adding a HERO to Your Site
All good sites need a hero.
Unlocking Every Font You Could Ever Want
Not all fonts are created equal.
The Finishing Touches
Polish off your new beautiful website

Module 3: Going Online

Accessing All the Code You Need For Any Project
As well as saving your code at every step of the way.
Putting Your Site Online - For Free
This is the fastest ways to get your site online.

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