Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program

An extensive course on how to make a full time income on Amazon using FOUR different methods.

Did you know there are FOUR methods to sell on Amazon? Most people only know of one or maybe two. In this course, you will learn ALL four. and from there you'll be able to decide which is the best fit for you!

This course will cover absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to get from $0 to $10,000/mo at LEAST. You do not need any experience in eCommerce or Amazon to take this course.

If you DO know how to sell on Amazon, there is still a ton of content that will be relevant for you. A lot of tips and tricks that I have picked up as well as tips from other professional sellers! If you only know Private Label, come learn Online Arbitrage. Want to learn how to Wholesale on Amazon? This course is for you!

Things change all the time on Amazon which is why this course will be updated frequently to include any changes to policies or rules. I'll always be adding new tips that I find out over time.

The course includes all 4 ways to sell on Amazon. Every way to sell is different and may appeal to different people. In this course, you'll learn them all:

Retail Arbitrage:

  • How to find profitable items from retail locations.
  • Which locations are best for arbitrage?
  • What tools you will need.
  • Staying competitive and winning the Buy Box to increase sales.

Online Arbitrage:

  • Finding the best deals online using deal sites.
  • Getting extra money back using cashback rewards and websites.
  • Increase profit margins by using bundled products.
  • How to use product lists to get ahead of your competition.
  • How to automate the entire process of arbitrage.
  • How to use Tactical Arbitrage and 3rd party prep companies.
  • How to get UNGATED in restricted categories and Brands (Like Disney, Hasbro, Star Wars, ect.)

Private Label:

  • How to find products using methods no one else teaches.
  • The criteria that make a good product to sell.
  • How to calculate all the costs to ensure high profits.
  • How to contact and negotiate with manufacturers. [FREE Template]
  • How to import goods the easiest way using a 3rd party forwarder.
  • Patent lookup and legal guidelines for private label.
  • How to get reviews while still following Amazon's policies.
  • How to create a product that stands out from your competition.
  • How to make a listing that no one else can compete with.
  • Utilizing Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising to get to the front page.
  • Registering a trademark for your brand name.
  • Using Amazon Brand Registry to unlock hidden features only big brands use!
  • How to Launch your new product using the most cutting edge methods (rarely seen elsewhere)
  • How to create promotions and coupons to increase interest in your new product.


  • FREE 450+ company wholesaler list included!
  • Building a relationship with suppliers so they will offer lower prices.
  • Attending events and trade shows to build relationships.
  • Using programs to sort through catalogs for profit products.


  • Outsourcing the entire process to a small team of employees.
  • How to go about hiring the best employees that will get the job done!
  • How to train your employees (hint: use this program!)
  • How to acquire OTHER people's businesses to really pick up your sales.

Bonus Extras:

  • Access to all past live streams and LIVE product sourcing.
  • Getting any negative feedback REMOVED from your account.
  • Exit strategies (how to sell your business for millions).
  • Setting up your Tax Free certificate so you don't pay sales tax!

What my students have said about the Mentorship Program:

and SO SO many more. To see even more student results, see the 'Student Fame' story on my Instagram here.

Your Mentor:

Hey! I'm Jordan, the Millionaire Millennial. Here to teach you everything you need to know about being successful in life and business. I've built multiple 6-figure businesses and a 7-figure business and I want to show you exactly how to as well!

I teach exactly what I do; that's how you know you're getting a good education.

You can read more about me and my accomplishments on /about

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📚 Course Curriculum

Introduction To The Course
Welcome Aboard!
Acronyms and Definitions
Demystifying the jargon.
Programs to Use (Free and Paid)
All the tools you need to run this show.


Setting Up Your Business With The Goverment
Ensure you don't have any legal issues.
IMPORTANT: International Sellers
Outside the country you're selling in?
Setting Up Your Seller Account
Which plan is right?
How To Add A Product To FBA Inventory
Make sure customers can see your product.
Preparing A Shipment To FBA
Avoiding the hidden pitfalls.
Save Money On Shipping
Case-packed & shipping to one wharehouse.

Method 1: Retail Arbitrage

Intorduction To Retail Arbitrage (RA)
What is Retail Arbitrage, exactly?
Locations To Find Great Products To Buy/Sell
Where to get great deals for RA.
The Proper Tools Required
The tools to make everything simple and profitable.
Beating Everyone Out Of The Buy Box (Repricers)
Getting the edge over your competitors.

Method 2: Online Arbitrage

Introduction To Online Arbitrage (OA)
What is Online Arbitrage, exactly?
Finding Deals And Discounts
Leveraging deal sites for massive profits.
Using OA Lists To Find Products
Removing the headache and guesswork from OA.
Bundling Products To Increase Profit
Two products + one shipping cost = more profit.
Using Tactical Arbitrage To Find Products To Sell (Automate Searching)
Making product searching passive and easier.
Amazon Flips
Buying & selling on Amazon directly.
Winning The Buy Box (Repricers)
The ins and the outs of beating your competition.
Tactical Arbitrage Tips
The top 1% tips for TA.
OA Buying Checklist
Don't miss a step when ensuring your products will sell!

Method 3: Private Label

Introduction To Private Label (PL)
What is Private Label, exactly?
How To Find Products To Sell
What tools and methods are best for finding products?
Even More Products Research Methods
There's plenty of techniques for finding great products.
Keyword Research
The right words to make your product a #1 hit.
How To Beat Competition
Making your product better than everyone else's.
Calculate Profit
Don't forget some of the important expenses!
Checking For Patents/Restrictions
Making sure you dont get sued...
Finding A Supplier/Manufacturer
How to get your PL made from the top manufacturers
Importing And Shipping The Easy Way
Logistics and customs made simple.
Shipping Logistics (Add-on)
Adding up the appropriate costs to get your product in.
Creating Your Listing
Making a listing customers can't resist.
Creating Promo Codes
Getting traction for your product.
Launching Using Giveaways
Bringing in customers on the first day.
Getting Reviews For Your New Product
The most valuable part of your listing.
Getting To The Top (PPC Advertising)
Using ads to grow your sales.
Making Coupons To Increase Sales
Increase the traffic to your product.
ADVANCED: Enhanced Brand Content And Trademarking
Make your product YOUR product.
Instagram Influencers
Enlist influencers to sell your product for you.

Method 4: Wholesale

Introduction To Wholesale
What is Wholesale, exactly?
Wholesale Supplier List (450 + Companies)
Tons of companies looking to work with you.
Sorting Through Wholesale Catalogs The Easy Way (Tac-Arb)
How to use TA for Wholesale.
Building A Professional Relationship With Suppliers
Stand out from normal sellers.
Attending Events And Trade Shows
Connecting with suppliers directly.

Scaling (Auto-Pilot Everything and GROW)

What Is Outsourcing And WHY You NEED To Do It
Don't do the hard stuff yourself.
How To Hire Employees
Bring on some helpng hands - it's cheaper than you think.
Training Your Employees
Getting the most out of your employees.
Buying Other Businesses
Expanding through acquisition
Third Party Preppers
Streamlining your work and making it easier for you.


Getting Negative Feedback Removed
Don't let one blemish ruin your business
Getting A Sale Tax License And Setting It Up In Seller Central
Stop paying sales tax on your purchases.
Estimating Sales (Keepa)
Ensure products sell by learning this tool.
Brand Ungating
Open the door to massive profits with big brands.
Exit Strategy (Sell Your Business)
Cashing out at 30X+
All Past Live Streams and Webinars
Every live stream about Amazon I've ever done

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