What I Would Do If I Lost Everything

February 15, 2020

Many people have answered this kind of question before, but only really stick with the "If I lost all my money" scenario. They then answer "I would just do what I do now!" Which is completely useless information for people trying to get started.

I want to answer this question from the angle of back when I was 22 and had no knowledge, experience, or money. There is actually a pretty straightforward formula that I’ve uncovered over the years, but it does take time. The answer is something that will likely take years and not weeks or hours.

So here's what I would do if I had to start completely over with no idea in the world of what to do!

The most important aspect of this is that I still don't know exactly what to do. No one really does! That's the first fact to accept - it will help you out tenfold during your journey. Once you understand that no one truly knows everything about anything, it frees you to be unknowing and still make progress.

Because if you’re scared to move forward because you’re unsure then you’ll never move at all. This is called analysis paralysis and is common for people just getting going.

Being a student of the world at all times is what I would credit about 80% of my success to. Now I’m not still in school - college or otherwise, but I’m still very much a student.

Now what does that look like practically? Well, it looks like it does in school. Reading books, doing homework, asking the prof questions during office hours - all of this just continued past your typical 'school days.'

If you were the kind of person that really disliked learning and school, you should probably just stick to your easy day job because this life is not for you.

If you’re still with me then let me explain exactly what I would do if I was 22 again.

Read lots of books. If you don't like reading - listen to them in audio-book form. This is paramount. Never. Stop. Reading. I did a post recently on my top 6 books to read. Go check it out.

The 'do your homework' equivalent is to practice over and over any skills you might acquire. How do you go about attaining skills? Easy! - YouTube/forums/education/reading. All great resources to learn new valuable skills.

Now some skills are more valuable than others. I would encourage you to try many different things and find what you enjoy the most - NOT what makes the most money.

The reality is it's 2020 and almost anything can make you at least a fulltime income IF you're good enough.

That being said - here are some of the top skills I think are important to learn this year:

Software Development, Content Marketing, SEO, Finance, Sales, Copywriting, and plenty of others as well. This is not an exhaustive list, nor should it be. There are plenty of skills that are valuable, but I just don't know about them!

After I become well-read and learn a few valuable skills, the next thing I would do is start to connect with others. This is imperative for enjoying your work and making money. Now this can be large scale or very small. Thousands or just a few. But having a group of people that you bounce ideas around and connect with is very valuable long term.

The easiest way to connect with people online is through content marketing and using lead/optin pages to get their contact info.

This allows you to build an audience for your content and then stay connected with them/ask them how you can best serve them.

Once you have a small audience (say 50+ people), you can then ask them what they want from you. What can you make for them? How can you help them on their journey? This is the best way to make money - fulfilling the needs of others and adding value to their lives.

I clearly practice what I preach here and this is exactly what I would do if I had to start completely over with nothing. The 'simple' yet hard path forward is:

Learn valuable skills 🡆 Connect with others 🡆 Help them 🡆 Repeat

This is exactly what I have done in the past and what I will continue to do.

I Learned Amazon FBA 🡆 Built a YouTube channel to connect with people 🡆 Taught them how to do the same.

Now I'm Learning how to code 🡆 Asking my audience what tools would help them 🡆 Building that software.

It may seem 'simple' but it is challenging to do. Incredibly worth it, however! I hope this message was a helpful for you (since that's what I'm trying to do)

Let me know if it was.

Written by Jordan Kilburn A.K.A. the Millionaire Millennial who lives in Dallas and helps people enjoy life, make money, and build cool stuff. You should follow him on Instagram / YouTube